The name is too long I guess, but I couldnt agree on another one .I did not plan this one it just happened ,actually I wanted to do a panacotta , for days only thing in my head was the word pannacotta , so one day I planned to make it , after my son was down for his afternoon nap , I ventured into cooking , but unfortunately I realised i was short of ingrdients for a pannacotta , insha allah  will do it some other time .

So at that instant I decided I will try something else then this awesome dessert just happened ,
this one is easy , time saving , but superb and a must try one ,if you have fresh strawberries in your stock try it today itself

Layered desserts are a great option when you are too exhausted to try something like cake or pudding , but you crave deeply for something sweet.these can be done with a variety of ingredients and also in individual portions .
I had some strawberries in my fridge .so went on to make some compote with them .This is the first time i am making any fruit compote , but it turned out excellent fruity tangy mildly sweet .loved it , for those who hear it for the first time , it is just whole or pieces of fruit cooked in sugar syrup flavoured with vanilla or spices

This dessert has layers made of regular pantry ingredients like cornflakes, almonds, custard powder,so you dont have to buy anything for this one

I used to have custard only with fruit salad .and preparing fruit salad takes time for chopping and cutting  fruits , so this custard dessert is really apt for a weekend dessert when you expect guest and there is no time for chopping lot of fruit .so go ahead and make it , you will relish it every spoonful , my word ..

Ok, lets get into work ,


Serves - 6 people
Preparation time - 15 minutes
Cooking time - 15 minutes


1.custard powder- 4 tablespoons

2.Milk- 1 litre

3.Sugar- 2 teaspooons

4.Milkmaid - 1//4 tin

5.cornflakes- 1 cup

6.Almonds/ pistachios/cashews- 1/ 2 cup

For strawberry compote

7.strawberries- 10- 12 medium sized

8.Vanilla essence - 1/4  teaspoon

9. Sugar- 2 tablespoons

9.Apple-sliced pieces for garnishing


first we are going to prepare strawberry compote .,


1.Slice the berries
2.Heat little water in a pan add sugar and vanilla essence

3.Boil the fruit in thepan untill it is soft
4.Mash with a spoon or masher
5.Allow it to cool down , refrigerate

Next is  ,

1.Heat  milk in a pan
2.Take  custard powder in a glass or bowl ,mix it well with a little hot milk taken from the pan
3.Pour the mixture back into the pan

4.Stir well
5.Add sugar , and milkmaid , adjust sweetness according to your preference
6.When it is slightly thickened and comes to consistency of custard , switch off the flame before you begin to burn the bottom of the pan
7.Allow it to cool down
8.Keep in refrigerator


Heat a pan , roast cornflakes and untill crisp , after that roast nuts and coarsely crush them

Assembling the dessert

Take serving glasses or pudding dish whatever you prefer to serve ,

Spread  cornflakes at the bottom layer evenly
For the next layer spread nuts evenly

Pour cold custard over the top ,

Spread the last layer berry compote at the top
You can repeat the layers if you are taking long glasses and according to your  portion sizes
Garnish with sliced apples or fruits of your choice Refrigerate  untill serving


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